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Seeds sent from China - unsolicited, mislabeled


NY Ag & Markets Press Release:


Due to the high volume of inquiries and reports from residents receiving unsolicited, mislabeled and/or unlabeled packages of seed in the mail, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, along with the United State Department of Agriculture, are asking that New Yorkers please mail the sealed package of seeds, the original packaging, the residents' contact information, and any additional relevant details directly to the USDA at:

Office of the State Plant Health

Director of New York c/o Christopher Zalgoa,

United States Department of Agriculture

500 New Karner Road

Albany, NY 12205

If you have received a similar package, please email USDA with your full name and telephone number, pictures of the package and any other relevant information as soon as possible.

“Our office has received questions from a few New Yorkers who have received unsolicited packages allegedly sent from China that are marked as containing jewelry but which actually contain plant seeds. Similar packages have been received in other states and the United States Department of Agriculture is investigating. People who receive seeds should not plant or handle the seeds. They should store them safely in a place children and pets cannot access and email USDA immediately at for instructions. Seeds imported into the United States are rigorously tested to ensure quality and prevent introduction of invasive species, insects and diseases. We will continue to monitor this issue and will pass along guidance as it is received from USDA.”

-Statement by NYS Commissioner of Agriculture Richard A. Ball
July 27, 2020

Read more in this article from the USDA:

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